Howdy guys!

It has been (again!) a long time since I wrote a blog post here…

Since I already have another blog where I’m going through what’s going on in former ED nurse’s life, maybe it’d be a good idea to have this blog just for music & DJ stuff! So to put in other words, I’ll be transforming this page and this blog to be just for DJ-/music stuff. I’ll tell you about what’s going on in musical side of my life, talk about DJ-gear & other tech stuff etc.

See – I’ve been kick-starting my DJ career again after years of silence (family, kids, etc., you know 🙂 )  and by that I mean doing live gigs, not just talking about the radio show (Skenemies Special) now. Although I’ll be talking about my show also, a lot! 🙂

I’m really waiting for upcoming spring and summer, hoping to have many gigs indoors & outdoors! Have so many great ideas for e.g. lunch parties and beach parties, and all of the ideas I have include -of course- House Music!

If you have an idea for a party or an event, don’t hesitate! Shoot me a message and we’ll figure something really cool out!

twitter / ig / snapchat >>> @skenemies